FONTENT     A Fountain Tent for a picknick on the water
Gallery on the river Rotte
Rotterdam ,The Netherlands
A Gallery of Sculptures, objects, experiments , in, under and floating on the river Rotte for three months in the heart of the city of Rotterdam to visualize the ever floating water as organic entrance into the port of Rotterdam and throughout europe.
Artists ( among others)
Joep van Lieshout
Olaf Mooij
OMA ( Rem Koolhaas)
Stefan Gross
Piet Rogie
Kees Buckens
Jurgen Bey
Ruud Goedhart (Fontent)
The Blobby   The First Software To Sit On
The Blobby
The First Software To Sit On
A multimedia Blob interacting/active between body, mind, science and surrounding space and environment . Placed in setting  and scenery ; activates brain and involuntary muscles.
Projects: (among others)
Barbarella Brainstorm Capsule:
Golden Bytes, Scheveningen
Blend Guerilla Stores&Magazines
TommyTV(Hilfiger) :
London, Antwerp,Madrid,Milaan
Paul de Leeuw TV  Holland
Rai , Amsterdam
Jaarbeurs , Utrecht
Design Hotel , Maastricht
A project by Jeroen Jongeleen
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
You Never Walk Alone
A walk on the ceiling of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen .
Music : Football Stadium Chants Liverpool
Gerry&The Pacemakers
Artists among others:
Jeroen Jongeleen
Stefan Gross
Wietse Eeken
Marc Cleas
Marc Muller
David Marotto
‘ Verborgen Stadscollectie’
  Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
  Gallery Boom Rotterdam
                Fort Asperen
RUUD GOEDHART RUUD GOEDHART next u t gallery info/contact
Inside Job    You Never Walk Alone